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Aral Sea Sundarban retreat Tour (3 Days and 2 Nights)

Khulna - Sundarban -Khulna

Naturally mysterious and terrifyingly beautiful Sundarban is the most enormous tide & ebb tide forest renowned as a mangrove forest in the world. Local people called it Shuloban.   The exciting events in the Sundarbans tour are hiking in the deep forest, canal cruising on a country boat, various bird watching, unique wildlife, delicious food, campfires, and also a night safari on a vessel in a wild jungle atmosphere which will definitely add to your adventure experience.   Please get in touch with Jatrik Events for a succorable price and secure journey for a package, family, or corporate group.   ⛱ Spot to Go : • Herbaria/Andharmanik Eco Tourism spot • Kotka Office Sight • Tiger Tila • Jamtala Sea Beach • Kochikali/Dublar Char • Dimer Char/Hiron Point • Koromjol (Mini Zoo & Crocodile Breeding Centre)

Rainya Tugun Eco Resort Booking

Kaptai, Rangamati

Wooden Villa:
Reingpa wooden villa and Raiboti wooden Villa regular price 5500 Tk. Presently tarrifs are considered at 40% Discount on regular price. These villas are also rented in Package. Couple Package is to be available @5000 Tk where Dinner, Breakfast and Kayaking for 2 Person is complimentary.

Villa Price:
1) Kainsa Family Villa -101 Regular Price 4000 Tk
2) Kainsa Family Villa- 102 regular price 4000 Tk
N.B 10-20% discount may apply depending on occasion and season